Who We Are

We are a barre studio dedicated to building a stronger you. Our fitness program transforms your body by targeting all of those “trouble spots.” Clients experience increased strength, flexibility and endurance in as little as 10 classes. No matter what level you’re on we make sure your working at your full potential. Our program is as much about mental strength as it is physical. You have to stay determined and ride out the shake.

You won’t see us doing jump squats or hitting a tire. We keep our program low impact to keep you safe. We recommend at least 3 classes a week to ensure you get the results you want. Be warned…it’s addictive and you might experience the urge to throw on your grip socks and head to the studio at any given moment. Try a class at your local studio and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Thanks for visiting our website and happy tucking!

Our Technique

We have designed a hybrid fitness routine that incorporates isometric strengthening and static stretching to create a long, lean body. Our full body workout is broken down into sections that focus on toning your core, sculpting your arms, lifting your glutes, and tightening your thighs. We stretch in between each section and at the end of class to create long muscles and prevent bulk.

Our technique is based off of the Lotte Berk Method, Pilates, ballet, and controlled breath. We use various postures that create a neutral spine alignment. This pulls the naval in and the hips up. While holding the posture we move in small, isometric movements to create resistance within the body. The smaller the move and the tighter the squeeze, the harder you work.

This workout is you wanting a change and making it happen. It’s you staying focused and shaking to the end.

It’s you taking yourself to another level. It’s about your results and your accomplishments.

Barre Company supports you building a stronger you. Take some time for yourself and Trim, Tuck, Tone.

We’re Different

Barre Company is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what age or size you are our classes are customized to suit your needs. Our instructors cue modifications and advancements so that you can work at your own level. Throughout the workout we will position your body so that you maintain a neutral spine. This ensures that you will tone the appropriate muscle groups and not strain others. Our classes are designed so that every client can get a scorching workout.